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You can donate to our general fund or to support a specific program! 

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation for a specific purpose other than what we have listed, please contact us. 


Any donation over $10,000 USD qualifies the donor or their business as a sponsoring organization. Please reach out to learn more about our Sponsorship Levels and Benefits! 


General Donation (Any $ Amount)

We are incredibly grateful for any donation, big or small. Unrestricted donations helps up pay our team, cover overhead costs, and implement new technologies to help us reach more people and save more lives. 

1 - Year Peer Support Program: $10,000

Peer Support Program Sponsors receive a myriad of (optional) benefits including their name and/or business logo on our event materials. We run three Peer Support Programs (people with food allergies, parents, partners / spouses). Peer support groups meet monthly and facilitate an emergency calling tree. The annual cost per Peer Support Program is $10,000. 

Epi-Pen Purchase: $150

The standard cost of an Epi-Pen (without insurance) is $150. We use these funds to cover the cost for people who do not have insurance or can not afford an Epi-Pen. We also distribute FREE Epi-Pens to underserved communities as part of our educational programming. Purchase 10 Epi-Pens for $1,500. 

1-Year Educational Program: $100,000

Educational Program Sponsors receive a myriad of (optional) benefits including a trip to visit Kenya or The Gambia and opportunity to join one of our programs. The annual cost covers the living expenses of two full-time volunteers ($40,000), travel expenses ($10,000), program materials and supplies ($20,000), and educational programing costs ($30,000). This budget ensures that our volunteers are adequately supported and our local partners are well-equipped. 

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